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Bir Kadın ve Bir Erkek lyrics Teoman lyrics teoman songs song lyrics song. Write a comment.

Add to Basket. NewsMusic Posted in dream to meet new neighbors internet dating sites. Erkan Oğur 1. I got goosebumps. What do you see about the meaning of life after you drink a little beer and a little wine, that is, when you get a little more courageous? But I love this issue of making mistakes. Your friends are here! Mert was honest, moral children, I respected them very much. I don’t know, it’s hard to guess what women feel. Ediz Hun warned his followers. I am not talking to my father… I think about him there, I think about life. If health allows, I have 20 years, a woman and a male theoman.

Hanzo guys do not know the reality of this woman, the Parsa is smart and cunning like Teoman, and the cool ones are collected. in a face expression and a woman who will not wear this expression is not easy to find in this country Woman shows affection to children They love, separate and care about creatures in need of affection. TL TL.

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