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Kuder’s Ummahs are continuing. Bâb-I was the guests of Audih Mufti. Ramadan excitement in Mihmandar. The colors of the Ummah are at the Ramadan Sofrasi. International Summer Scout Camp has ended. Gambia Student Association Meeting was made. The students met at the 2nd International Student Picnic. The Academy of International Students Certificate Ceremony was held.

Composition Competition Awards were given. Visit to Haymeana International Student Association. Guest students camped in Nevsehir. The guest students met at the picnic. Ladies met in Yalova Summer Education Camp. Kuder Summer Period Courses began. Visit to Bâb-I Talking from the Ulti Foundation. Yunusemre continues its UED studies.

Guest students gathered for acquisition of acquittal. Guest students in Erzurum – Kars trip. Egyptian country of publicity and heard on the Dining Day. Visit to Mihmander from Üsküdar Child Academy. Dinner to the guest students. Visit to the Mayor of Eyüp from Bâb-I Unlam. The birds were crazy. International Students Academy continues. The Mediterranean International Student Association was established. Those who entered the Hadith Competition were rewarded. Misa wifes meet the commission at dinner. Visit Mihmander to the Society of Likes Association.

Visits to the students’ homes are in progress. International students ran to the help of the Bosnian people. Guest students met Keremali in the Walk of Keremali. Bosniak students collect help for their country. Kosovo Battle Photo Exhibition in Sakarya.

Help Bosnia from Kocaeli. The guest students have traveled Bursa Science and Technology Museum. Visit Bâb-I Talk from Salih Racihi Institution. Performed the international student picnic.

Visit the Himmet Syrian Muslim Youth Association. Visit to Kulu Cihanbeyli Assistance Association. The guest students met at the end of the year. Visit thanks from Canakkale International Student Association. Visit to Başakşehir Municipality from Bâb-I Talk.

Students attended the conference held by Nahdatul Ulema. Macedonian students met the Volunteers of Life Foundation. Visit from the International Muslim Women’s Union.

Voluntary country representatives meeting was held. Prayed for passing workers in Soma. Guest students moved to Soma.

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