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Maintaining a good profile on a Thai Dating Site is critical to success, however mostly people do not realize what to write and what to avoid on their profile when making one.
Strategies for dating online

Strategies for dating online

By: SinceritySeekerS – Thursday, August 20, 2009

When it comes to dating online there is no one right way of doing it. Dating online, or offline is a highly personal experience and will be best if it were done by the person in his or her own special way. However the dating strategies can be grouped into the following:

  1. Hit and miss (pun intended): try your luck against as many as you can and see which one works out for you. Hey, after all dating is a numbers game.
  2. A date a week: Organized, clean and straight-forward, this method is utilized by people who like to keep it simple and to the point – Go from one person to the next until you find the right one however give each person a good one week to prove themselves.
  3. Wait for a person to hail you: This is how people who do not want to take a risk and loose face try and date. Although this can work in the face-saving bit in the real world, in the virtual world however you can take as many risks as you want and get away with it; hence this method is not really recommended in this scenario.
  4. Just for the kicks: People who do this really aren’t that interested in a relationship at all, they will talk and talk and never really get anywhere. At best they will make pen-friends and at worse make a person believe they are really interested in them times 100.

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