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And the chance that you will get her number and clear a date is much greater.

Because after she has qualified you can of course always say super easy something like …

“You seem really, really cool. We should share a bottle of wine to see if the chemistry fits in real life … “

“I like you young lady. Let’s have drinks and witty banter next week. I want to find out whether you are as quick-witted and cheeky in real life as you are here … “

Because it makes logical sense from the conversation to ask about your date. Because she convinced you.

How you can get a woman in the chat to try to please you and take care of you would of course go beyond the scope of this article.

There are thousands of types of texts that will make her qualify and seek you out.

If you want to know more about it, simply register for our free email coaching. There several lessons are ONLY about this topic.

And the great thing about this strategy is that after it has responded, it always makes logical sense to suggest a date. Because you can always say something like …

“Test passed. I like it. Let’s meet for a cool cocktail on the Rhine so I can see whether you are really as entertaining and cool as it seems here :-P”

Do you see how that puts you in a much better position and will be much more successful when you go out on a date with a woman this way? As if you chase after HER and keep asking her out on a date, until she eventually gives in and agrees, as it usually happens in chat between men and women.

To conclude the most important signs, here is an extremely important general tip: you should only ever ask for a date when the conversation is at an emotional climax.

At such moments, the conversation is more of a rock bottom and it would therefore absolutely not be the right moment to arrange a meeting.

However, you should always ask for a date when the conversation is at an emotional climax.

All of this and similar situations are moments when the conversation is at its peak.

And at such a moment it is always a thousand times better to propose a date than at a rather boring, emotionless moment of the conversation. (Or if you can’t think of anything better.)

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