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Online dating feels like an impenetrable jungle when you start over and you make the simplest mistakes without realizing it …

They chat with the woman and hope that by some magical coincidence they will get on a date with her. The chance that you will be successful without a proven system is very slim.

Fortunately, today I brought you a step-by-step plan with which you can decipher the code of the online dating matrix once and for all.

First, however, you need to understand what men and women do differently when they chat while online dating.

Hand on heart: what do you actually want to achieve with it, for example when you log into Tinder?

Millions of men swipe like a street sweeper, wildly on the display of their electronic typewriter, hoping to get in touch with hot ladies.

Perhaps your lady will answer you a few times – but it doesn’t take long for bottomless SILENCE to reign.

Because they overlooked all the wonderful flirtation opportunities their match served them on a silver platter.

Instead of coming into contact as much as possible with attractive representatives of the opposite sex in real life, they often use dating apps à la Tinder mainly for entertainment. In between, with a little luck, you will get to know a cool guy.

The only purpose of chatting with a woman in online dating is to meet her in real life. However, you must not fall into the trap of pushing the woman on a date too quickly.

On the other hand, there is a risk of getting lost in endless novels while chatting.

The longer you text her without suggesting a date, the greater the chance you’ll lose her at some point along the way.

Especially if you are a beginner and still have problems finding the right words, one thing can be a real blessing for you:

After a certain amount of time, however, you will develop a better feeling for creative messages that inspire your sweetie.

The first thing to do now is to build up your basic stock and to bunker “the bread and butter” of online dating in your imaginary fridge.

Which means that she is less interested in an answer than Freddy Krüger in sweet dreams.

You, as a loyal reader of our blog, do it differently and use a variant that works much better:

If she has personal or clever responses to this message, you can see that she is worth your time.

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