dating rules for men: Your 15 Things People Have to By no means Perform

Instead of seeing how other women get along with the women they like, men should know that there are certain? Tips? to take into account at the time of conquest.

Although there are two characteristics that play in favor of the conqueror, such as confidence and persistence, it is necessary to follow a series of steps.

The site published the seven rules that will put the gallant at the center of the conquest scene.

The surest way to know if the approach will be successful is to try making a preliminary eye contact to see how the lady responds.

If she keeps looking (or, better yet, smiles) go talk to her. If, on the other hand, you avoid the gaze, the chances are slim.

One thing to keep in mind is that a woman who is looking at the men around her is more open than one who only pays attention to the friends she came with.

Targeting more than one woman within the same social circle is a tactic that leads to disaster, since not only will you make yourself look like a party animal, but you are forgetting one overriding factor: if you want to successfully win over a woman you must make her feel special.

And showing interest in her friends is not the best way to do it. So even if you are attracted to more than one woman in the group, you will need to choose one.

Often times, a woman falls in love with a man for a reason: she likes how he makes her feel. So if it makes her feel like the prettiest in the place, there is a chance that she will want to see it again.

This tactic will also be beneficial in the long run, since if she feels comfortable with you, it will benefit all aspects of the relationship.

Never, ever do this. Using a cliché will only make you look like you’re making a desperate attempt or someone with no experience with women (which is even worse).

Thus, you will avoid all the formalities and will differentiate yourself from men who use ready-made phrases with women, who, although it seems hard to believe, there are many who still use them.

In those places, women are usually approached by dozens of men, so they already have armor on. This means that they may simply reject you because you approached after a man who made her upset, or because you were the last in a long line of men who spoke to him.

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