dating rules for men: Your 15 Issues You actually Have to Under no circumstances Do

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ALEX GONZALEZ: Pair a suede or denim jacket with dark pants. A perfect bet for a date in the city.

IKER CASILLAS: for a relaxed plan, a bomber jacket is always a good option. Try to keep the shirt white, in autumn you can add a fine knit sweater with a round neckline.

EDDIE REDMAYNE: shirt and sweater is the combo that never fails. Accessories like a good watch and suede shoes are great to elevate it.

HUGH JACKMAN: If you wear a suit, that is because it is completely justified. Always wear light shirts and remember that the tie is expendable.

ADRIEN BRODY: there is no outfit that can combat this one. The trench coat and turtleneck are all you need to impress your date.

SHAWN MENDES: modern, with rebellious hues but very comfortable. So is this look that will make you feel like a rock star.

BIEL JUSTE: if you’re going to a concert or have an alternative soul, this is your new uniform. Remember that Chelsea Boots are the key to success.

LANGUAGE THE BRAND: Have you met in the hipster neighborhood? Blend in with the environment and mix retro-colored garments. The sweatshirt, always without a hood and the socks, the more striking the better.

The first date is not a barrier, but an opportunity, so take advantage of yours and succeed. With confidence and the perfect style there are no limits.

First dates are like movie trailers, an exciting little preview of what the whole story could look like. Rivers of ink have been written on them to turn man into a seducer. However, there are only two keys that will guarantee your success.

Each meeting is different, but they all have the same denominator, you. So the first rule of thumb is to be yourself. If you succeed, you will like it to be on your own merit, right?

Show your personality and dress it up with a good dose of security. With her, everything is easier.

The second trick revolves around self-marketing. Present yourself as if it were the best product.

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