was created by an Internet-related company in Bangkok because of the overwhelming number of Thai people wishing to get to know foreigners, to learn their languages and customs and, ultimately, to seek an improved lifestyle. News of SinceritySeekerS’s work spread rapidly, and it soon moved beyond the borders of Thailand to become a truly international organization. Its main purpose is to bring east and west together. Asian people, both men and women, are eager to share the opportunities and freedoms of Western lifestyles and Western men and women are keen to find sincere partners willing to embark on supportive and fulfilling relationships based on sharing, honesty, hard work and plenty of fun. With good sense and normal caution, electronic friendships can develop to meetings as tourists, romance, and even marriage.

ADVICE TO NEW MEMBERS. Please read the following notes to help you successfully find new friends, and to ensure your safety and privacy while using this website.

a. SinceritySeekerS will help you find the friendships of your dreams. We have thousands of people from many countries who, like you, want to find friends, companions or partners with similar interests and compatible personalities. But the adventure you are about to begin is one that requires common sense, patience, honesty, and caution. At all times, be open and willing to chat, comment, and answer and ask questions, but remain in control of the correspondence and your privacy. Carefully consider the following points.
b. In entering your membership name and creating your profile DO NOT reveal your real name, your address, your telephone number, your email address or your workplace. These are private details you may choose to reveal in the future, when you believe that you know a correspondent well enough. When we ask for these details in your new membership registration, these details are kept confidential, and are not revealed publicly.
c. Remember at all times that, although the overwhelming majority of our members are sincere in their search for friendship, you are nevertheless dealing with total strangers. Be cautious. Develop an online relationship step by step. Do not reveal any of your contact details until you feel sure it is safe to do so. However, be completely honest in your correspondence, and watch carefully for signs of dishonesty in others. Be ruled by your head, and not be your hopes or your heart. Ask good friends what they think if you have any doubts.
d. In creating your profile, be brief but completely honest about yourself and the kind of friends you seek. Do not reveal your real name, your address, where you work, your telephone number or email address. In this way, you will remain in control of any contact with other members. Remember, also, that photographs are essential. First impressions are always based on appearances. Members who do not enter photographs into their profiles will almost invariably be rejected in favour of those who do. If you are worried that one photograph is not good enough, then enter three or four so that other members may see what you’re really like. No matter what you look like, this is the fastest and surest way of finding new friends.
e. After you have created your profile, it will take a short while for it to be approved. In this way, we ensure that profiles are genuine and their statements are understandable. We also check that new members have not revealed too much, such as email addresses or private telephone numbers. We also check the photographs. While pictures of dogs, cats, flowers or Valentines Day cards may express certain feelings, they do little to help either SinceritySeekerS or other members.
f. If an online relationship develops quickly into a desire to meet face to face, be very cautious. Always meet in a crowded place of your choosing, and take along a sister, brother, or good friend. Use your common sense and, once more, be ruled by your head and not your hopes or your heart. Listen carefully to advice from friends that you trust and always give them details of where and when you are meeting your online acquaintance.